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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is critical to successfully drive high performance. High performing organizations define common values, build a shared vision, identify highest level strategic priorities, and have methods to measure progress and success. HPG Network has facilitated customized strategic planning processes for large and small organizations - governments, non-profits, and collaborative groups.

Leadership Development

A high performing organization requires a system that supports and develops leaders, is driven from the top, and models the way for others. Leaders must demonstrate skills and competencies that fuel changes necessary to achieve excellence. Competencies include: communicating a sense of urgency, emotional intelligence, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity, modeling ethical behavior, instilling accountability, a bias for execution, results-driven strategies, and utilization of high performance tools. HPG Network provides high quality, customized training in leadership development.

Management Training

Appropriate management of resources is vital to achieve desired performance results. Managers must demonstrate competencies and skills in the following areas: strategic alignment, operational excellence, and performance management. HPG Network designs and facilitates management training for organizations large and small.

Financial Management

Effective financial management is critical to achieving high priority organizational outcomes. HPG Network can provide an array of organizational or project-specific financial management services.

Community Development Services

HPG Network provides assistance in administering programs in order to add capacity without the price tag of a full time employee's salary. HPG Network can provide capacity enhancement in the following areas: Community Dev. Block Grant, HOME Investment Partnerships Program, Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

  • Program Design and Management. Build additional capacity in your organization by utilizing HPG Network to design and/or manage your program.

  • Address Findings and Concerns. Address problems before they grow by utilizing outside resources with years of experience to systematically address challenges.

  • Community Planning. Create high quality comprehensive planning and/or area specific housing plans for your community.

Health Department Accreditation

HPG Network offers specialized services for local health departments seeking accreditation. Services include the following, as well as general consultation.

  • Community Health Assessment. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your community by soliciting feedback from critical community stakeholders.

  • Community Health Improvement Plan. Design a systematic approach to the improvement of your community's health by engaging stakeholders, identifying metrics, setting goals, and improving outcomes.

  • Department Strategic Plan. Define common values, build a shared vision, identify highest level strategic priorities, and have methods to measure progress and success of your department

  • General Accreditation Consultation. HPG Network offers hourly and daily rates for on-site or remote consultation about your accreditation needs.

Human Resources Services

Human Resources provide the vital infrastructure to a high performing organization. While these functions can be easily overlooked, it is important to maintain up-to-date human resources management in order to maximize the performance of the organization. HPG Network provides the following services, specialized to government and non-profit organizations.

  • Human Resources Audit. A comprehensive review of organizational human resource policies and procedures. An HR audit will reveal compliance issues, language clarity, and alignment with current and best practices. Can include staff training on new policies and procedures.

  • Policy & Procedure Review. Audit of human resource policies and procedures with recommended revisions, development of new policies and procedures, and staff training.

  • Employee Performance Management. Customized program design and employee training designed to establish performance goals, review job description alignment to goals, and establish individual employee goals that align to department and organizational goals.

  • Standard Operating Procedure Documentation. Review and revise current SOPs in order to provide a standardized framework for employees throughout the organization.

  • Manager and Supervisor Training. Ensure that managers and supervisors in the organization have received high quality training in critical issues like: workplace harassment prevention, workplace violence prevention, FMLA/ADA, discipline for corrective action, coaching for development, hiring for talent, customer service.

  • Employee Training. Ensure that employees in the organization have received high quality training in critical issues like: workplace harassment prevention, workplace violence prevention, conflict resolution.

Process Improvement

Fixing broken processes is critical to improving the performance of an organization. The HPG Network assists leaders review, analyze, and improve processes that will result in improved services and reduced costs. HPG Network staff has experience with basic process improvement tools like process mapping, as well as systematic approaches using Lean Six Sigma, Human Performance Improvement, and Activity Based Management.

Facilitation Services

  • Organizational Retreats. Can be customized to meet organizational objectives for outcomes such as: develop a strategic plan, enhance team cohesion, or foster innovation and creativity in the work environment. HPG can tailor curriculum to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Community Meetings. Community input is essential to organizations as a means to gauge customer satisfaction, elicit creative ideas on solving community challenges, determine readiness for change, and to obtain buy-in on important projects.

  • Conflict Resolution. Conflicts between managers and employees or between co-workers is not only disruptive to the work environment, but it is costly to the organization as they can result in litigation, grievances, arbitration, negative impact on the organization's image, or just the lost time dedicated to resolving the dispute. Healthy conflict is a by-product of a robust organization, where different perspectives are exposed, examined, considered and valued. Unhealthy conflict in organizations is a by-product of closed organizations where differences are not valued, trust and respect are low. Some conflicts are best managed with an external, unbiased facilitator.

Assessments and Surveys

  • Environmental Scanning: Internal or External Analysis. Understanding the internal and external factors that impact an organization is critical to success. An internal environmental analysis provides a review of the organization's internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. An external environmental analysis provides a systematically review of external conditions that may hinder or enable the organization in meeting its strategic priorities.

  • Quality of Work Life Assessment. Assessment is designed to evaluate the work environment culture. Employees in a motivating work environment demonstrate a habitual expectation for continuous improvement, a systems-approach to solving organizational challenges, are encouraged to challenge processes, view diversity of perspective as an asset, and value life-long learning activities.

  • Customer Service Assessment. Gauging customer satisfaction is essential to measure its success in meeting customer and community needs, determining which services provide the most value, and recognizing areas for service improvement.

  • Personality Profiles. Understanding our personality types and those of our co-workers and supervisors helps explain the assumptions and motivations that can be the cause of miscommunication, team dysfunction and conflict in the work environment.

  • Community Input. HPG Network will conduct community surveys and assessments on topics of importance.

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