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The turnaround time to review site plan routing submissions is too long.  The average review process is 51 days per submission.  Timely approvals will improve customer service and increase building interest in Fort Wayne.  Delays cause citizen irritation and potential investors to flee the city. 

The goal was to review 95% of all projects submitted for Improvement Location Permits/Certificates of Compliance within 10-12 days. Incomplete and inaccurate review submissions lead to delays.  To reduce cycle time, a standard operating procedure was established to improve application preparedness.  Potential problems are now detected by submission checklists and preview meetings.  Incomplete applications are not accepted and all applicants are contacted prior to review meetings to discuss problems and confirm all participants.  To continue improvement, PermiTrack software now is used to track approval times.  Feedback surveys are also sent out to all applicants and property owners to gage meeting effectiveness and project quality.  Increased usage of the “conceptual/preliminary” and “foundation only” routing review options are encouraged.

Turnaround time for application approval has improved 300%.  The average turnaround time for projects released to the County Building Department is now 8.7 days.  Increased efficiency and survey feedback has improved applicant rapport.  The need to purchase $150,000 of new software was eliminated.

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