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The High Performance Government Network, an Indiana-based 501(c)3 non-profit, supports local leaders' efforts to make their jurisdictions safer and more responsive by providing a framework for cross-functional collaboration, meta-leadership and management skills, and tactical tools.

The HPG Network offers customized training, planning services, exercise design and facilitation, and outcome-based project management that aligns with State and Federal objectives.


Public Safety Executive Leadership Series

hpg_public_safety_logoThe Public Safety Executive Leadership Series is designed to provide a foundation for local officials who would be called on to work together in a mass casualty event or other disaster.  This series is customized based on the most critical challenges identified in a region and is designed to engage leaders from multiple disciplines around the core competencies needed for effective organizational management and collaboration.  The outcome of this series is a region that works together to solve challenges, develop emergency plans, and tests the plans regularly with exercises.  The following descriptions provide further detail on the content and audience of each part of the series.


The Business of Public Safety

Overview:  This series will engage public safety leaders in a roundtable format to stimulate shared learning and exchange of best practices from local government and the private sector.  Public safety leaders will be provided with tools to improve operational performance to meet financial challenges.  Guest speakers will share best practices in process improvement, cost control, performance improvement, and service delivery.

Audience:  Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, EMS Directors, Mayors, Sheriffs, County Commissioners

Managing Complexity, Leading for Results

Overview: This four day series will provide Emergency Management Directors with a framework and leadership fundamentals necessary to work as a team to meet challenges and achieve success.  These workshops will cover critical elements leaders need to drive results.  The workshop is designed to promote dynamic interaction and team building.

Audience:  Emergency management directors

Collaboration Fundamentals

Overview:  This four day series will provide district hospital and public health leaders with the opportunity to identify and learn the fundamentals necessary to work as a unified region to meet regional health challenges.  The first workshop will be conducted jointly with the Indiana Department of Health as a regional tabletop exercise, and the subsequent workshops will focus on the strategic planning and critical collaboration and communication skills leaders need to respond as a unified region based on the results of the exercise.  The series is designed to promote dynamic interaction between representatives from different organizations.  

Audience:  Hospital leaders (bioterror coordinators, public information officers, administrators, security directors) and Public Health leaders (county departments of health, Red Cross, and others)

Continuity of Government Conference

Overview:  This one day conference will provide public and private sector leaders with an opportunity to learn best practices when developing a community disaster plan and individual organization continuity plans.  Participants will have the opportunity to participate in roundtable discussions and hear from national experts.

Audience:  Local elected officials, public safety professionals, public works leaders, information technology managers and business leaders from across the state.

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