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The HPG Network provides chief elected officials with a 10?step approach for driving high performance throughout their organizations:

    1. Building a shared vision, based on organizational values and a defined mission

    2. Instilling a Learning Organization culture that supports continuous improvement

    3. Facilitating a Strategic Action Plan to drive business goals

    Fostering Systems Thinking to break down silos between divisions and departments

    5. Utilizing proven scientific methodologies, including but not limited to: Human Performance Improvement and Lean Six Sigma

    6. Providing outcome?based training in leadership, management, team?building, and process improvement

    7. Fostering strategic partnerships with HPG Network members and business experts

    8. Implementing accountability systems to ensure improvements are on?going

    9. Sharing of tools and resources

    10. Developing metrics to track results

      For more information about how the HPG Network can help your organization with any of these steps, please contact us.

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