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Every week the Street Tree Division of the Parks and Recreation receives numerous unnecessary tree-pruning calls. Since 1990, the City has followed a standard tree-pruning program and cycle yet most of the calls regard pruning schedules. Many calls are also received regarding contractor performance and privately-owned trees. Unnecessary calls cause poor customer service and reduce department efficiency.

The goal was to optimize call handling by reducing tree pruning calls by 50%. An analysis proved that the City needed to improve citizen awareness on tree ownership and the tree-pruning program. The City mailed information to citizen homes, added articles in Neighborhood Newsletters and attended Neighborhood Association meetings. A single contractor was also awarded the bid for a three year period to reduce calls on performance issues. Pruning complaint forms were redesigned and are now reviewed and monitored by the Superintendent. To maintain the call reduction, the superintendent monitors the process for problem areas to make department adjustments and train employees as needed.

Defective calls have been reduced by 72% and total pruning calls have been reduced by 67% resulting in improved customer service and department efficiency.

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