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There is no centralized list or standard policy to manage and maintain City properties that receive lawn care. Property maintenance is confusing and unevenly distributed between numerous departments causing properties to be missed. The City has repeatedly cited itself for violation of the Citys weed ordinance. The street department has been tasked to maintain all miscellaneous properties with very limited resources and there is also too much variation between departments on the prices paid for contracted lawn services.

To improve the process, the solution was to create a policy to manage and maintain all lawn maintenance; centralize inventory and contract management; bid contracts by district; balance distribution between departments; clarify ownership on certain properties; define department responsibilities and maintenance requirements/standards; and establish penalties for contract violations and damages.

This project has allowed the allowed the City to maintain an updated inventory; eliminate ordinance violations; eliminate 600 annual man-applied hours; and reduce costs by $51,000 per year.

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