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Today's homebuyers want to live in thriving communities, but for some home ownership is nothing more than a pipe dream because they lack enough cash for their down payment. It's these same populations that can bring stability and vitality to a community, so finding a way to help them put down roots is important.

For lenders, despite a strong desire to be a part of the solution, without the right lending products this is nearly impossible.

The Hoosier Homes program is designed to connect willing & ready buyers, lenders, developers and realtors working to achieve the vision of the community by providing the necessary down payment assistance to hard working people, who want to establish roots in a community.

This program requires no financial investment from the community and even better, it provides a revenue stream back to the sponsoring community.

Hoosier Homes is now available to all Indiana communities through the Multi-City Housing Partnership, which not only connects communities to this resource, but also provides a host of other low or no cost community & economic development-related services, such as strategic planning, technical assistance and capacity building that can be customized to your community's specific needs.

Join the movement! Be one of the first Indiana communities to join the Multi-City Housing Partnership by contacting us today.

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