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Local health departments across the country are working towards accreditation.  Many are trying to determine how to secure resources, allocate staff time, properly document and accomplish the Community Health Assessment, Community Health Improvement Plan and Department Strategic Plan.

The HPG Network offers a package of Accreditation Services to help local health departments effectively manage the process.  HPG Network has assisted health departments with accreditation since 2010.  Our team understands the unique challenges that health department leaders face and can help you design and implement a plan of action so that your department can become accredited.

HPG Network offers specialized services for local health departments seeking accreditation.  Services include the following, as well as general consultation.

  • Community Health Assessment.  Determine the strengths and weaknesses of your community by soliciting feedback from critical community stakeholders.

  • Community Health Improvement Plan.  Design a systematic approach to the improvement of your community's health by engaging stakeholders, identifying metrics, setting goals, and improving outcomes.

  • Department Strategic Plan.  Define common values, build a shared vision, identify highest level strategic priorities, and have methods to measure progress and success of your department

  • General Accreditation Consultation.  HPG Network offers hourly and daily rates for on-site or remote consultation about your accreditation needs.

For more information about how HPG Network can help your department, please contact Joy at (260) 439-8372 or


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