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The HPG Network is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating thriving communities.

The HPG Network strengthens communities by establishing a framework for collaboration, convening local resources, and equipping stakeholders by providing the following services: municipal partnering and planning, organizational and staff development, strategic planning, process improvement, neighborhood sustainability, compliant community development programs, community convening for local stakeholders, emergency preparedness, emergency planning & exercises, project management, and educational conferences.

Emphasizing Tools, Training, Teamwork and Trust, the HPG Network builds partnerships between clients and local partners in order to produce high performing organizations.


Building an organization's collective toolkit is critical to its success. The HPG Network provides leadership and employees with the appropriate tools in order to achieve their organization improvement goals. Tools include Lean Six Sigma, Activity Based Management, Human Performance Improvement, Process Mapping, BEST Teams, and a variety of assessments.


Engaged, excited, and creative employees can be an organization's best asset. The High Performance Government Network provides a range of services to build employee competencies in order to maximize performance, including leadership training and management training that aligns individual employee contributions to an organization's strategic goals.


"None of us is as smart as all of us." - Warren Bennis. No organization can achieve its full potential without learning from the successes and challenges of others. The HPG Network emphasizes networking and sharing best practices within organizations, between similar organizations, and with the private sector.


Creating a shared vision and measurable goals is a critical component to the success of an organization because it develops trust through engagement, clear expectations, and accountability. The HPG Network offers a range of strategic planning services that help an organization define its pathway to success by developing a learning organization culture that drives continuous improvement. 

Ryan Chasey   President
Kate Love-Jacobson  


Joy Hudson   Vice President, Operations

The High Performance Government Network is located at:

200 E. Main Street, Suite 910A
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Phone: 260-439-8372

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